Traveling with Batman, an Introduction

I grew up on Batman the Animated Series. Then I got into the movies, the comics, the game11049556_10206083940671998_1315462104708844798_ns. Then I wrote papers about him in college. For the past two decades every birthday I’ve received at least one bat-related gift.

I’ve been lucky to have him in my life, so when thinking about how I wanted to photograph my journeys around the world, this concept came to me.

So here I am, a 6 foot something Millenial-Geek who carries around a little Lego Batman everywhere he goes. through Scotland, Israel, Italy, France, and everywhere else I can get to in this short bit of time we have on this planet. Judge me/don’t judge me, my travel buddy is cooler than yours.

Take a look, leave a comment, send me your photos!

Slainte Math!



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